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CE Marking

CE Marking of Integrity and Insulated Fire Resistant Ductwork

Ventilation and Kitchen Extract Ductwork cannot be CE Marked as the product Standard EN15871 has not been ratified.

Currently only Smoke Control duct sections up to 1250mm x 1000mm or 1000mm diameter can be CE marked, provided the insulation is fixed to the duct sections before leaving the factory and hence the duct and insulation section is covered under the Factory Production Control Systems (FPC).

However as insulation is installed on site, then the section cannot be covered by the FPC system and therefore it is not possible to affix a CE label.

General guidance is that anyone procuring fire rated ductwork should request as a minimum:

  • Classification Documents to BS:EN13501-3 (Ventilation & Kitchen Extract) & BS:EN13501-4 (Smoke Extract)
  • Control of all the components to ensure constancy of performance
  • 3rd party UKAS Accreditation installation certificate of conformity for the installation is required

CE Marking of Integrity only Fire Duct

For Multi Compartment smoke control ducts (tested to BS:EN 1366-8) the European classification document BS:EN13501-4 stipulates that only insulated ducts can be classified.

Single compartment smoke control duct sections (tested to BS:EN 1366-9) and classified to BS:EN13501-4 can be CE marked.

Ventilation ducts (tested to BS:EN 1366-1) and classified to BS:EN13501-3 cannot be CE marked as there is no product standard in place.

ASFP Blue Book EN Edition

"It should be noted that CE Marking is not a 'quality mark' but uses designated European classification and fire testing procedures. Voluntary third party product certification schemes are 'product quality' schemes and invariably include more checking procedures than are required for CE Marking"