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BS:EN 1366-9:2008 - Fire resistant tests for Service installations - single compartment Smoke Extraction Ducts

This part of BS EN 1366 specifies a test method for determining the fire resistance of smoke extract Ducting that is used within single compartment applications only i.e. Ducts which remains within the compartment of fire origin and exhausts to the exterior of the building without passing through another fire compartment. In such applications the Smoke Extract system is only intended to function up to flashover (typically 600°C). This system is suitable for main storage areas (BS9999 clause 37.3), where the Smoke Extract Duct passes through multi fire compartments, then all the ducts after the first compartment wall must be tested to BS EN 1366-8.

BS EN 15882-5: Extended application of results from fire resistance test for Service Installations (Part: Smoke Ducts).

Extended field of application for BS EN 1366-8/9 Smoke Extract Duct (Ducts up to 2500mm x 1250mm deep).

When fire rated Ducting is required larger than that covered under the direct field of application, the system must be tested to BS EN 15882-5. This allows for Ducts to be tested up to size of 2500mm x 1250mm for both A & B Ducts. Larger sizes of fire rated Ducting will not be permitted except by an individual project specific submission Etag