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Applications & Testing

Flamebar BW11 and BW18 - fire resistant duct

Fire Protection manufactures and installs the Flamebar range of passive fire-resistant products, including the highly successful Flamebar BW11 fire rated ductwork system.

Flamebar BW11 and BW18 fire resistant duct is constructed from galvanised sheet steel, manufactured to the HVCA or SMACNA standard, then degreased and factory fire sprayed with either Flamebar BW11 or BW18, specially formulated water-based compounds. The finished product contains selected mineral filters in a low permeability elastomeric binder, to a thickness of between approximately 1mm or 2mm depending on product, and has been successfully tested for international use under cellulosic fire conditions - in excess of four hours duration. Flamebar BW11 and BW18 fire rated ductwork is produced in sections and assembled on site utilising tested fireproof gaskets/sealants.

The unique properties of Flamebar BW11 and BW18 has enabled the design of a low density, highly durable material, which accommodates induced stress arising from extreme and varying conditions; including climatic moisture, structural loading variations and the effect of thermal-shock during a fire.

The completed system has been tested and classified by Exova Warrington Certification to BS:EN Parts 1,8 and 9. As well as tested and accredited by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to BS 476 Part 24 (1987) and also classified by UL to ISO 6944 (1985) up to a temperature of 1133°C.

Fire Protection is frequently called upon to assist developers, contractors, consulting engineers, building control officers and many other clients on solutions for their projects

Fire Protection operates its own research and development facility, with laboratory and fire-test equipment at its factory in Harlow, Essex. An additional manufacturing facility is based in Polegate, East Sussex.

Fire Protection has a portfolio of passive fire protection products, with Flamebar BW11 and BW18 fire rated duct winning awards for its outstanding performance and flexibility. The system can confidently be specified and installed for smoke extract, car park extract, kitchen extract, and stair pressurisation systems.