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Research and development

As a consequence of extensive Research and Development, we believe that Fire Protection's products are the most technically advanced systems of their kind on the market.

Our current position as a provider of passive fire protection services is a result of extensive collaborative research into the fire-rated ductwork market and the subsequent bringing together two disciplines - ductwork manufacture and fire resistant coating production. This has led to the development of the unique range of Flamebar products.

The Research and Development facility has the capacity to identify and develop new products and their subsequent applications. This facility has extensive fire testing equipment, which enables our products to be tested to their limits; for example, material testing facilities to demonstrate surface spread of flame and compliance with Building Regulation requirements.

The centrepiece of the Research and Development facility is a furnace that follows precisely the requirements laid down by BS EN 1366, the testing standard for fire rated ductwork. With flexibility built into its design, it can also be used to test barriers, fire stopping and penetration applications.

We meet the requirements of our customers by responding to market needs, which has become the cornerstone of Fire Protection's development process, resulting in developing a range of solutions that are innovative, flexible and cost effective.