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About Us

Fire Protection Limited is the leading specialist in the United Kingdom for providing fire resistant duct systems under the name of Flamebar BW11 & BW18.

The business was established in 1993 to provide fire resistant systems for ductwork and other structures in direct response to client and institutional demands. Accordingly, a comprehensive development programme is maintained in our own R&D laboratory which results in a portfolio of products fully tested and approved to British and European standards, suitable to match these requirements.

We are recognised for our knowledge and experience of fire rated ductwork solutions along with the standards and specifications which strictly regulate the industry.

Our reputation has resulted in an impressive list of clients who seek our advice on design and specification matters and also a notable list of Flamebar BW11/18 projects in the U.K.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Fire Protection Ltd is part of the Hotchkiss Group, one of Britain’s leading manufacturers and installers of fire-resistant ductwork and have 3 modern factories based at Harlow in Essex and Polegate in East Sussex, with over 66500 sq ft of office and warehouse space. All 3 are dedicated to the manufacture of the Flamebar BW11 and BW18 fire resistant ductwork systems.

The experience of our manufacturing staff is a key factor in maintaining the quality of our products and eliminating poor quality. Our ducting is manufactured from coiled steel and converted into square, rectangular, circular and other specific shapes. Flanges are added before they are coated with our unique Firespray product. Any special requirements of the FR Duct like the inclusion of dampers, access hatches and gaskets are incorporated ready for transportation to site along with the necessary fixtures, fittings and sealants that are required to install the Ducting.

Site deliveries are made on our own dedicated transport to meet site offloading requires all certified to Silver FORS.

Our pioneering fire rated ductwork systems result from expertise in two technologies:

  • Ductwork manufacturing
  • Production of fire resistant coatings

This expertise creates an unrivalled system of fire protection, in advance of more traditional forms of fire rated ducting products and systems.

As the leader in our field, we have a reputation of working closely with our clients. This is to not only to provide them with specialist products and the capability to meet any Fire Rated Ductwork requirement, but also ensuring that our extensive technical support is always available at every stage of the project.


The Estimating department at Fire Protection Ltd consists of 6 estimators that between them have over 100 years of experience in pricing Fire Rated Ductwork systems.

Using the Bluebeam Digital Take-off software and the ESTmep costing software the team will provide a detailed quotation incorporating 'marked-up' drawings indicating the scope of works for the Fire Rated Ducting.

Our quotations ensure that our pricing is in line with the latest BS EN1366 test standards, giving all our clients piece of mind in the knowledge they have a complient quotation. We also turnaround quotations in 5-10 days from receipt, although larger and complex projects may take longer


Our Technical Support Services provides expertise on all areas of Fire Rated Ductwork covering:

  • Solutions to technical problems that arise.
  • Preparation and maintenance of fire duct standards.
  • Preparing Technical Submissions for projects.
  • Performing bespoke calculations for special supporting steelwork.
  • Reviewing drawings to ensure compliance with specification.
  • Advising on fire-rated fixings.
  • Interacting with various trade associations and technical committees.
  • Research & Development including Fire Testing.
  • Providing COSHH information.
  • Advice on current regulations and publications

With over 40 years experience in the fire rated ducting market, our team are well equipped to offer technical advice and practical solutions on the specification and installation of fire rated ducting to meet BS EN requirements.


Upon an order being placed with Fire Protection Ltd our contracting department will take the lead on working with our clients to deliver the installation to budget and on time. We achieve this by working closely with our clients at all stages of the process.

From the initial review of the quotation and the marked up drawing, it is important that we agree the scope of the project and jointly produce Working Drawings. Upon completition of this, a site team is then set up headed by a Fire Protection Ltd Project Manager. He will:

  • Agree start time on site
  • Review site conditions and installation flexibility
  • Confirm programme and level of installers required
  • Site supervisor
  • Arrange Specific FORS Transport for deliveries
  • Provide Certificates of Conformity as installations are completed

Any Fire Protection Ltd installation will be installed by our FIRAS Trained installers.

We offer an After Sale Service to clients where we will visit site at agreed intervals after completition to repair or amend Ductwork that has been damaged or changed. Please contact us on this.

In-house Test Facility

Fire Protection Ltd have the ability to do indicative testing on new or diverse solutions in order to provide evidence that the recommended system will achieve the stated fire rating. This allows us to try new and diverse solutions to meet the test standards of today, prior to going to external UKAS independent test facilites.

We have over 25 years of experience in fire testing ensuring that the products and systems we test for our customers are fire safe, fit for purpose and compliant to the BS EN regulations.

Third party accreditation

Probably one of the most important aspects relating to Fire Protection is ensuring that your application and product(s) are tested and installed by a third party accredited company. Fire Protection Ltd have third party accredition for our Management Systems, Product Approval and Installation.

  • Management system achieving ISO 9001
  • Product Approval through LPCB
  • Installation Approval through FIRAS

Manufacturing & Approval

Our factories have achieved the management system ISO9001 3rd Party accreditation with LPCB. This requires LPCB to check that our factories are making product to a consistant standard as defined in the certification on a annual basis.


Fire Protection Ltd have been certified by Warringtonfire's FIRAS scheme for installers since 2002. The scheme is instrumental in improving the installation and maintenance standards of passive fire protection products and systems.

The FIRAS scheme is the endorsement of competency for the installation of products and systems to the tested standard, vital for achieving the protection required of fire rated ductwork.

The scheme assesses workmanship of our site disciplines and assesses the competence of our supervisory and installation employees. Certified contractors are subject to an annual audit of their offices and random surveillance site inspections where competence and workmanship are assessed. Certified contractors are required to log 'contracts in hand' on the FIRAS online database. A 'Certificate of Conformity (Compliance)' for the completed works is issued from the FIRAS online database.

Continuous Professional Development – CPD

Fire Protection Ltd offer a range of seminars to help educate specifiers and installers on the legislation and installation of Fire Rated Ducting. Our CPD is not a hard sell on our company, but it enables participants to update their knowledge in this vital area, whilst also contributing to CPD obligations.

  • Led by our own highly experienced team our CPD is available to:
  • Developer/Main Contractors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Architects and District surveyors

During the presentation participants will examine:

  • The principles and objectives of fire control
  • The role of compartmentation
  • The most effective ways to provide fire protection in modern buildings
  • Your Legal Liability

These CPD's normally take place at the clients office at lunch time and last approximately 60 minutes. Lunch is provided and at the end of the session a question and answer session is available. If you are interested in arranging a CPD with us please let us know.


Fire Protection Ltd have a wealth of experience across our business. Our Management, Estimating and Contracting teams have over 100 years of knowledge relating to Fire Rated Ducting. This extends across all our departments including manufacturing, giving our clients piece of mind in the knowledge that if they use Fire Protection Ltd the project will be:

  • Complient
  • Competitively priced
  • Installed to a high standard
  • Delivered on time

As a business we are continually looking to develop our people through internal and external education programmes. In today's market it is critical that we stay on top of regulations and market demands, ensuring our people are training is the most important part of this.

Fire Protection Ltd are proud of our programme for taking on Trainees in Manufacturing, Estimating, and Contracting, ensure the knowledge and skill sets in our business are maintained and developed.